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I wonder why Joey get ak in each .v ?

  • Cause she cheats all the time!!
  • Cause admins don´t like her!!
  • Cause she is crazy lol...
  • When she goes to pillory ?


SluggProof 27 June 2007, from IP:      Mark comment for deletion
lol is jealous o// go get them mummy :)
Joey 27 June 2007, from IP:      Mark comment for deletion
2.4 easy, i moved out of where i was living (rl issues, ya know) and couldnt go online undefinnatly so i gave my pw away - in case vinci went on war, my account wouldnt be totally useless. thats it, wow "joey joey joey" :') !done a-kills now cut the crap and making me seem like i died bcz i was scripting or sharing to rank
Joey 27 June 2007, from IP:      Mark comment for deletion
in 2.3, as in now, me and damiel were ranking like nuts, it was fun and stuff, also top of the list, until suddenly out of the blue he was sent to pillory for "sharing account", wth, and excuse was sharing at home! well i didnt bite that since we spent the whole time we were on talking to each other and got really pissed off, changed profile, insulted admins, they didnt like it, no warning, dead. lammest a-kill ever - they didnt even put me on pillory to say the real reason, nor erased my prof 2.3 done !next
Joey 27 June 2007, from IP:      Mark comment for deletion
full a-kill history 2.2 (this bcz im such a bad ranker :')) ppl asked me to rank for them like.. ALL the time, i had 8 chief+ account pws, since i didnt like the fact that cobras (fam where i had been) didnt trust me when i asked a favour i thought in screwing them up like they did to some1 i asked them not to, so used up one of the accounts some1 shared with me, some1 from elcobra, to kill calabrian's FL, as a little revenge :') 2.2 cleared !next
lol 27 June 2007, from IP:      Mark comment for deletion
lol :>
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Created: 27.06.2007
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